CMJ Ireland was established in 1810 as an auxiliary of CMJ in England, but in 1890 became a fully fledged society in its own right and a sister society of CMJ in England.

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AGM 2017
The Annual General Meeting of the Northern Branch took place on Saturday 14th October 2017. Jane Stewart welcomed those present and Rosemary Kelly, Hon Treasurer, gave the financial report for the year ending 31st January 2016.
We are delighted to have four new members to serve on committee,  Alan Beattie, Velma Beattie, Joan Thompson and Valerie Woodrow along with members of the existing committee who were re–elected.
Lavinia Bowerman, Pat Davidson, Neil Glass, Rev Billy Holmes
Rosemary Kelly, Marylyn McCormack, Jane Stewart, Canon Gill Withers.

The new committee met briefly and the following were elected as officers for the incoming year.

Chairperson: Pat Davidson    Secretary:     Jane Stewart       Treasurer:     Rosemary Kelly